Benefits of Youth Organized Sports
Athletic endeavors provide lessons that can be used through an individual's life. Competitive athletics can teach young adults the life lessons of performing under pressure, overcoming self imposed limits, working as a team, and adapting quickly when situations are not going as planned. We do know from research that young people engaged in positive sports are more likely to be positively engaged in school, and more likely to resist many risky behaviors.
Character Development
It is important for our athletes to develop their character, social skills, decision making skills and leadership skills. In the context of youth sports, we have the opportunity to help young athletes learn many different kinds of positive life skills. We teach our student athletes the importance of positive character including honor, spirit, courage, perseverance, and resilience. We teach our student athletes how to become positive leaders by modeling the way, working with others to get things done, inspiring each other when things get tough, promoting team unity, and reaching out to help a teammate in need.
Sports Nutrition
Extremely active lifestyles demand more nutrition. We encourage overall health and nutritional balance and will help our athletes learn the proper way to take care of their bodies in order to prevent injury and promote athletic excellence. Lifetime consequences from poor food choices may affect bone health and reproductive health (Turner & Bass, 2001). There is an obvious connection between the lack of physical activity among children and youth and dramatic increases in childhood obesity. We promote health and wellness and change behaviors of youth that negatively impact good health.
Strength and Conditioning
Injury prevention is one of the most important goals of our organization. We have certified personal trainers who will help our athletes learn the proper way to take care of their bodies in order to prevent injury and promote athletic excellence. Incorporating a strengthening and condition routine and stressing the benefits of stretching are only a few ways this will be  accomplished. Playing sports can cause muscular imbalances, leaving athletes prone to injury. By addressing these imbalances through strength training, athletes can improve their odds of avoiding injury.
Community Service
Our athletes are expected to give back to their community through work with non-profit organizations, community-based programs and charities on an annual basis. Besides becoming a more responsible person, studies show that youth who participate in community service have higher academic achievement, enhanced problem-solving skills and it builds character. It is important that our athletes realize that they are an asset and can contribute in positive ways to their communities and neighborhoods.
Player Education
Anyone paying attention knows that there is an ethics crisis in sports. The media is full of stories about ethically challenged athletes, coaches, parents and administrators. Through player education, we will engage our athletes in dialog about ethics and sports. We will have candid discussions with not only our coaches and staff about the importance of values, but also our student athletes. We want our coaches to make it a priority to ‘coach for ethical toughness’ as well as mental and physical toughness, and include our athletes in a daily dialog about ethics and moral reasoning. We will also educate our athletes on NCAA eligibility regulations, recruiting rules, how to manage finances, and the options available to them after high school.
We are encouraged and empowered to become great leaders in our community - Kings on and off the court.
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